Research have suggested that about 80% of
businesses can benefit from the use of chantbots If you haven’t integrated a
chatbot to your business operations as yet, you are falling behind in the
market trends and the accompanying customer expectations. But don’t just
randomly start using any chatbot. Before you hire a chatbot development team or
invest in getting it from the market you to be aware of the most popular
chatbot trends for 2020 and the expected variations in the current and coming

Below is a list of various industries that
integrated chatbots to their customer interface,  and saw multiple benefits in business
operations and trends in customer engagement;

Chatbot Adoption across Different Industries 

Many industries currently apply chatbots.
However, user interfaces’ effectiveness varies from one industry to others. To
find whether a chatbot will suit your particular industry, check top industries
profiting from chatbots:

Real Estate

Every person looking to buy a house or an
apartment has unique requirements that match his taste. Real estate chatbots
help businesses in this sector to gather data on customers’ needs for more
personalized recommendations and even validate leads, enabling sales managers
to spend less time answering questions. 


Chatbot helps online retailers to streamline
their sales processes. It also helps customers searching for a product, place
orders, pay, and track the order’s delivery.

Travel agencies use chatbots to help
travellers find the best trip, book a hotel, and buy tickets. Chatbots are
handy in providing travellers with local insights, weather forecasts, booking
tables and restaurants. 


AI-powered chatbots perform intelligent
tutoring systems providing a personalized learning environment for students.
Chatbots analyze student’s response with different study supplements through

HR and Recruiting

Chatbots automates each stage of
communication with candidates. Recruitment agency chatbots perform as 


Healthcare chatbots help patients 

Advanced chatbots can monitor patient’s
health periodically, making diagnoses and advise treatment plans. 

Banks adopt chatbots to provide the user with
information on them 

For example, there are different kinds of

Rule-based or scripted chatbots answer simple questions.

Smart agents help the user solving particular tasks via
voice command.

Accenture chatbot statistics has shown that;

Rule-based bots bring the most benefits for industries such as

Voice assistants are handy in

With the overall statistics for Chatbots in various
industries being;

Business Benefits using Chatbots 

Many businesses have adopted chatbots and are
getting multiple advantages from this technology. But how exactly chatbots
improve business operations? 

1. Reduce customer support costs by 30%

A vast amount of chatbots is used for
customer service by answering simple questions. Thus, 85% of all customer
interactions can be handled without a human agent by helping businesses cut
down their costs by 8 billion dollars.

 2. Increase income by 40%

Research shows that customers interact with
their brands via social media networks by spending 20 to 40% more than average
customers. Thus, you can integrate a chatbot into your company’s social media
accounts receiving the same benefits. 

 3. Increase lead generation

Thanks to their proactive nature, Chatbots
can start communication with your clients, taking them through the sales
funnel. Besides this, chatbots can even capture customer’s details, thus,
generate more leads.  

 4. Increased user retention rate

Some chatbots use AI and machine learning
power, while some learn from each interaction and remember a client’s
preferences. Since customers receive more personalized product recommendations
improving service and enhancing retention and loyalty to the brand.

The Future of Chatbots

The chatbot market is expected to grow exponentially
covering over 80% of businesses globally. AI chatbots are poised to help
businesses across different industries to automate sales, marketing, and
customer care.

High adoption of voice assistants produced by
Amazon and Google are set to get even more helpful once 5G comes in.
Furthermore, chatbots participating in the sales funnel will become a new
source of valuable customer information for online businesses. It is also
expected that chatbots for banking and insurance companies would become more popular.

As IOT (internet of things) becomes a part of
life chatbots are set to enter full-fledged into every facet of our lives.
Perhaps life would change gradually to what is usually shown in the those
futuristic sci-fi movies, and chatbots would lead the way!

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